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  1. Hadith on Ramadan: The sacred scriptures were revealed in the month of Ramadan
  2. Malik on Sunnah: Whatever I say that disagrees with the Book and Sunnah, then leave it
  3. Hatim on Prayer: How do you pray so well?
  4. Hadith on Ramadan: Great reward for fasting the month of patience and three days every month
  5. Umar on Justice: The people are fit for justice and their rights, not the sword and lash
  6. Hadith on Qiyam Al-Layl: Night prayer is performed two raka’at after two raka’at
  7. Hadith on Food: Allah will punish those who hoard food from others
  8. Hadith on Tribulations: Each time that comes will be worse than what was before it
  9. Hadith on Ramadan: Allah saves people from Hellfire during every night of Ramadan
  10. Hadith on Quran: Allah has revealed the best stories and narrative in the Quran
  11. Hadith on Paradise: Amazing rewards for those with kind words, charity, fasting, and prayers
  12. Hadith on Dajjal: The False Messiah will emerge from the Khawarij rebels
  13. Hadith on Khawarij: The Dajjal will emerge from within the Kharijite rebels
  14. Wahb on Khawarij: Dreadful consequences of the Kharijite heresy and rebellion
  15. Hadith on Paradise: Allah has promised seventy thousands Muslims will enter Paradise without reckoning
  16. Ibn Mas’ud on Pardon: Avoid legal punishments on Muslims as much a possible
  17. Hadith on Pardon: Forgive the criminal before notifying the ruler if possible
  18. Hadith on Companions: The brothers of the Prophet are those who believed and never saw him
  19. Hadith on Hypocrisy: The majority of hypocrites in Islam are reciters of the Quran
  20. Hadith on Honor: Nobility is in the fear of Allah, taqwa
  21. Umar on Honor: The honor of a man is in his use of reason, his religion, and his character
  22. Umar on Apostasy: Let them return to paying jizya and leave them alone
  23. Hasan on Apostasy: The female apostate is not executed for her apostasy
  24. Ash-Shafi’ee on Apostasy: The Prophet did not kill some people who committed apostasy from Islam
  25. Umar on Apostasy: I would have allowed apostates to repent or be left in prison
  26. Hadith on Nicknames: How Abu Huraira came to be known as the father of the kitten
  27. Hadith on Prayer: The Prophet would shorten his prayer to make it easier for some people
  28. Hadith on Ease: Allah will shade those who give respite and grant relief
  29. Hadith on Grief: The Prophet would pray whenever he was distressed or saddened
  30. Hadith on Hereafter: Paradise and Hellfire supplicate for the believers
  31. Hadith on Dua: Nothing is nobler to Allah than supplication
  32. Ash-Shafi’ee on Knowledge: Seeking knowledge is better than voluntary prayers
  33. Abu Hanifa on Attributes: Have faith in divine qualities without knowing how or negating them
  34. Al-Hasan on Leaders: Obedience to them is hardship but rebellion is against Islam
  35. Hadith on Faith: Renew your faith by increasing your declaration of Allah’s oneness
  36. Hadith on Sha’ban: Allah forgives everyone in the night except an idolater or a hateful person
  37. Umar on Sins: Allah will punish the entire community if they allow sins in public
  38. Hadith on Generosity: The parable of the miserly and generous person
  39. Umar on Humility: There is no goodness in us if we do not accept fair criticism
  40. Hadith on Reward: Allah mutiplies great deeds up to seven hundred times as much